About us


Hi! We are exited to introduce ourselves to you.

Mercazone.com, is not simply an online store, nor like any other business that are looking to get some millions in their pockets. Mercazone is a place where you can find yourself in the things that you really like and enjoy having. We are focus in provide you the best products that suits you well and make you feel comfortable and identified, by bringing together fresh and new stuffs all around the world, so you can have it in just few clicks.

We are doing this because as online buyers we really care about quality, security and good customer services, and that is what we seek to provide, so you can enjoy in the meantime you are getting the items that you like.

We have been in this business since 2014, sending products to our customers via telephone, but in this year 2016, we decided to enter to this new and fresh world of e-commerce, aiming to give everyone the best of us.

We have a very dedicated staff, that is here with only one goal: To make you feel comfortable and satisfied. Our staff is working everyday to accommodate your buying experience and make it more safe and easy to you.

We would love to hear from our customers, if you have any suggestion, you can contact us and we will listen with pleasure.