How to grow a Bonsai Tree from seed

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Growing Bonsai from seed, step by step


Preparing the pot

First apply a layer of a coarse, water draining substrate, like lava rock or grit.

Adding soil


Next, add a layer of standard Bonsai soil.

The tree seeds

Purchase or collect tree seeds and check if they need scarification or stratification. That mostly depends on the tree species you select to grow.

Putting seed on the soil


Place the seeds on the soil, leave some room between the seeds.

Add soil


Add a top layer of standard Bonsai soil, about an inch (2 centimeter) is enough.

Almost done

The soil is added and we use our fingers to compact the soil a bit.

Watering thoroughly


Finally, we water thoroughly. Keep the seed bed slightly moist from now on.


Key take-away

Key take-away

Growing trees from cuttings takes a lot of time, wait at least three years with any pruning. Repotting the seedlings after the first year into large pots is recommended.


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